Texas A&M University 
Fish Camp



Fish Camp 2015 Mission Statement: 

Fish Camp strives to welcome freshmen into the Aggie family by sharing the traditions and values of Texas A&M University and creating a universally accepting support system that allows them to build relationships and embody the Aggie spirit.


Fish Camp 2015 Vision Statement: 
By developing knowledgeable student leaders and ambassadors of Texas A&M University, Fish Camp aims to aid in the transition of the Class of 2019 into college and the Aggie family. 

Fish Camp Values: 


Fish Camp as an organization works to develop the incoming freshmen, as well as the counselors and staff through a multitude of responsibilities. Opportunities to bond, share, work and encourage, allow the counselors and staff to learn valuable leadership and social skills. As a result, the freshmen will begin to develop relationships and a network of support that will aid in their transition to Texas A&M University.


The Fish Camp staff and counselors are role models, as well as leaders. As mentors for the freshmen class, it is important that we carry ourselves with the utmost integrity. This includes holding ourselves to a higher standard and setting an example for our peers and the freshmen. It is important that through our character and actions, we show our dedication and respect to this organization, each other and the freshmen class.


The greatest honor and privilege of Fish Camp is the opportunity to serve one another. Because each member has experience and understands the difficult transition to college, our main goal is to develop a desire to encourage and empathize with the freshmen class. Everything Fish Camp does is out of our genuine love and dedication to one another, so that all involved may be encouraged and inspired to make a sincere impact on the University we hold so dear.


United in our goals and dreams for the freshman class of Texas A&M University, Fish Camp works as a whole to serve the freshmen. Fish Camp strives to provide an unconditionally accepting environment while celebrating and embracing diversity in everything we do. We feel that by working together as a team, our goals to assist and ignite the Spirit and unity in the freshmen class can be accomplished.


From the beginning, the Fish Camp staff and counselors will give their all for the freshmen class. We strive to always keep spirits, motivation and dedication high, to ensure a lasting impression and friendship. These relationships do not end at camp, but endure throughout their full college experience in order to provide a support system and a welcoming environment.


Through an honest representation of personal experiences and reasonable expectations, Fish Camp makes every effort to prepare freshmen for the realities, challenges and opportunities that will encompass their college experience. Through outreach, we will open the door to everything that awaits the freshmen class at Texas A&M, by supporting them in times of uncertainty and encouraging their excitement to be a Texas Aggie.